Help with displaying text log

Hi all!

Im a bit of a nodered newbie so I thought id ask for some help and guidance

I want to do a log on my dashboard making a log that updates on changes.

The file would be a text file log.

I have tried using tail node but it only seems to display 1 line and no way to change it that i can see

Any help is appreciated!

Welcome to the community -- you will find a wealth of information on this site, and on the slack channels...

I remember asking the same question a couple years ago, and a quick search for 'rolling log' on this site helped me to find some similar answers. Try this one

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Thanks mate... very helpful.. got something working just need to refine it now


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I think that I posted an example flow to the flows site some years ago as well. Showing how to get debug output to the Dashboard. Easily adapted to logs.

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Thanks for all the reply's!

Thought id share the flow for others benefit




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