Help with how to make a TEST SYSTEM to test someting

Ok, sort of getting back to my post/question on the Samsung TV control node set.

Problem: Seems it doesn't like talking between certain types of networks.
But not all.
I'm not sure of the specifics. It would be nice if I knew. But I don't.

What I know:
Port 8002 is used.
I can use it between CERTAIN networks, but not others. So I would like to find out what is the problem.
is the port somehow blocked?

So I want to make something that talks/uses port 8002 and send a message between two machines and see what happens.
Is there comms allowed.
Could I get away with using MQTT and change the port used?
Seems viable, but just wanting to ask if anyone has done anything like this before.

Just use the tcp nodes to test tcp and udp nodes to test udp comms.

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Sorry, I'm a bit overwhelmed with things and didn't think of the obvious.

Shall do.

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