Help with performance evaluation for node red flow


I have created node red flow that's is based on hyperledger composer nodes. The flow is working perfectly. What I want to do is a performance evaluation of the created flow (calculate execution time, latency, and throughput). I'm not sure how to achieve that! :weary:
i have tried appmetrics dash, but it doesn't work as I want :cold_sweat:
How i can calculate the required performance metrics?
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


You should be able to trace execution time by using Node.js's console.time feature.

To get more information, you might want to try using the inspector - run Node-RED with Node.js's --inspect option in conjunction with a recent Chromium based browser for the easiest and most comprehensive view.

There are some addition inspection console commands as well - these include some profiling commands:

If you are using versions newer than Node.js v8.x, there are some extra options.

node --inspect node_modules/node-red/red.js --userDir ./data