Hex Coordinate Decoder


I am attempting to decode coordinate systems that are being sent over UDP to node red in what appears to be Int16LE. I have been trying to decipher how i can decode this coordinates to then send out of NodeRed via OSC. so far the data i am getting is something like this: 02 00 0a 00 49 00 1f 00 49 00 and what I have been able to understand is that the first two bytes mentions how many coordinates are coming in and anything after that are the actual points themselves so for instance that would have been coordinates [3,0][3,1] while 03 00 0a 00 34 00 0a 00 49 00 1f 00 49 00 would be [2,0][3,0][3,1].

for reference i have been putting in the data into https://www.scadacore.com/tools/programming-calculators/online-hex-converter/ to translate it

If anyone has any idea or input that would help me. I would greatly appreciate it.

See this post. Very similar. Should get you on the right track.