Hide a column in ui_table

I can't figure how to hide a column in my dashboard ui_table. I found the link below on Tabulator site and have tried combinations of different options using msg.ui_control or just as msg.payload without success. Thought there would be a NR example on the internet, btu no joy.

I'm not doing any formatting of the table outside of what is in the ui_table options.

Anyone know how to do this?

There is an example bundled with UI-Table:

this provides a button to hide a column.

either you set the visible parameter of the column you like to hide to false in the beginning or send an update later.


ui-table adds/merge column paramters arriving later to the existing tabulator object identified by the field paramteter

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Doh, I feel like such an idiot not looking in the examples!! :flushed:
Thx very much for the quick repsonse Christian - works perfect.

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