Hourglass Timer Node problem

I'm using the Hourglass node as a timer for engine hours on a boat.
The node works great if I treat it nicely by issuing it with "start" and stop" commands however if my (RPi) system is shut down with the timer running (ie I haven't issued a "stop" command before the system is shut down,) the timer continues to run.
Is there a way to automatically issue a "stop" command to the node on system shutdown or is there another node I could use to generate a msg.command stop on system shutdown?

Good question... I don't know the node is question personally - but that may be the intended behaviour from the author. It may be worth raising an issue on that nodes github page - https://github.com/eschava/node-red-contrib-hourglass - to ask... and indeed if that is as intended then it could perhaps have an extra option to also self stop during a closedown. Worth an ask.

Thanks - Ive just done that

Would it work for you if hourglass doesn't persist its state and starts from 00:00 every time when node-red is restarted?

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