How acknowledge an opcua alarm

Since yesterday i am looking for how acknowledge an opcua alarm using the node opcu ua methode.
in fact, i have create an opc ua server with java script from witch i generate an alarms and from node-red side, i create a flow witch catch the generated alarms and display them in ui template.
Now, i want to acknowledge the alarms using the node opcua methode.
i know that ObjectId = ConditionId , MethodId = NodeId of the Acknowlegde Method on the _AcknowledgeableConditionType - this is a well known NodeId defined by OPC and InputArgument[0] = EventId but when i execute the node opcu methode, the node generate an empty msg payload and the alarm remain Unacknowledged.
please find the details on the below screen shot

thank you for help

problem resolved

Could you share your solution for the benefit of future readers facing the same issue?

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