How can I extract payload 2? i need this value

msg : Object


topic: ""

name: "pippo"

_messageId: "c56bdec6-8996-4917-8bd7-76ae6d58bac0"

_endpointId: "40010"

_confId: "4ea26487e9bb5891"

command: "AdjustBrightness"

extraInfo: object

payload: 2

acknowledge: true

_msgid: "c082ada824e3e796"

That just looks like msg.payload.

How did you obtain the value of msg that you posted - a debug node?
A debug node with the default settings should show you the value of msg.payload.
What do you want to do with it once you have "extracted" it?

need to send value to a var of s7

Since you asked the question I guess that just sending the message to the s7 node does not work.

Sorry, I don't know anything about s7.

tx same have a good day

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