How can I initial all node and send out when ui is first start?

Dear All :

Does nore-red can do that like title?

Thank u.

Hi, can you clarify...

  • What do you mean by "initial all node"

    • You want to remove all nodes?
    • You want to reset runtime values in nodes?
    • You want to empty the UI settings of all nodes?
    • You want to clear the values displayed in dashboard?
  • What do you mean by "send out when UI is first start"?

    • Send what?
    • To where?
    • What protocol?
    • By UI, do you mean node-red service? Flows running? Dashboard UI started?

@jlian168 many of your questions miss out important details. Please try to explain your requirements with relevant details when you start a new thread.

Dear Steve-Mcl :

ok, I try to say it clear.

example :

  1. When UI is start, A Button payload is fault.
  2. And then I hope text is show "Press button to read AD".
  3. And the gauge is show 0.
  4. When I press A Button.
  5. Then text is show "AD is reading".
  6. Process of reading AD.
  7. And the gauge is show AD value.

Thank u.

So you are talking about setting initial values on UI elements in the dashboard.

  • Is this when re-starting node-red?
    • For this, you can use an inject node set to trigger xxx Seconds after starting


  • When opening the Dashboard page (the one with Button and Gauge)?

NOTE: you will need to set option on button

Dear Steve-Mcl :

Thanks for ur reply.
I will try to understand...

Thank u.

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