How can I listen to an External REQUEST (POST)?

First sorry for my English grammar.
So I don't know if it's possible to listen to an external request in my case a POST
I have two Node-Red one that is in the CLOUD and another LOCAL.
When requesting a POST on Node-RED(CLOUD)
On Node-RED (LOCAL) it would listen and do some action
Is it possible to do that?

@elvissouza Welcome to the forum.

You can try MQTT. There are plenty of info available, a bit of a search and that will get you going.

What I'm trying to do would be example
https://noderedCLOUD:1880/sendMsg (POST)

Node-Red Local will be listening and when I call the URL /sendMsg

Note: I would like to pass params from POST to Node-Red LOCAL as well.

Node-RED Local https://noderedLOCAL:1880
It starts a Request-like Flow

Sorry for my English in case you get confused

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