How can i make Tabs under each other than beside each other?

Hey i want to make my tab under the other tab like when i get the website on mobile.
That all Tabs are under each other and not beside each other.


Right now:

What i want:

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I am very new to Node-Red, so I could be wrong here :innocent: but based on what I have seen and read about, the default dashboard is limited in customizability in favor of relative ease of use.

I have found the the relationship of the dashboard Groups (I think the Tabs are what is inside the Groups) is based dynamically on the window size... thus stacked vertically on mobile, and horizontally then vertically on larger screens. This can be demonstrated by switching between full screen and elongated windowed view of same dashboard...

Dashboard manipulation is a dark art. You probably need to make the group that the 2 buttons that are set in wider, this way there is no room to the right of your diagram an so the group will be placed below.

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The groups adjust to fit the display width available. If you always want the same layout it may be better to put everything in one group, then you have full control of the layout. Alternatively, as suggested above, make the groups wider so there is not room for them side by side.

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