How can I put an msg object as input in a node

How can I put a msg object at the name field inside this entity node?

Template things won't work:


Probably not the answer your looking for :see_no_evil:
Mostly things like this will only work if the nodes developer explicitly builds them into the nodes code.
Unfortunately even if you directed a feature request at this nodes github repository the developers of this specific node wont be able to do much about it.
This is because to my knowledge this cant be done for the name property of a node as this gets set at deploy time and cant be changed at runtime which is when a msg with the desired property would arrive.


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I mean something different ig.

I mean the "name" field under "Home Assistant Config"

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In this case you might want to do what i suggested in the first part of my answer and open a feature request issue on the corresponding github repository for this node.
This is probably the best way to directly reach contrib node developers for support and requests as they probably wont read every post here on the general node-red forum.
I unfortunately dont know which repository that would be as there are a couple of different home assistant nodes in the flow library

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