How can I save Prosys Simulation Server Data to MySQL Database using Node-RED?

I have a simulation server (Prosys Simulation Server) and I want to save the data in MySQL database. I have already setup a local database.

I am using Node-RED for this task because node-red can be connected with Prosys Simulation Server and with MySQL database as well.

The problem I am facing is the inter-connection between the OPC UA client node and MySQL node.

so you can get your data into Node-RED?

If so you will need to create your SQL INSERT query either in a function node or the change node.

So which bit are you struggling with?

How can I do that?

I am struggling with the function/change node.I don't know how to do that. Can you please help me?

Suppose I want to send the msg.payload with the current time to MySQL. How can I do that?

msg.payload, Now()

I found a solution. I have done it like this. It's working.

This is the text in template:

INSERT INTO test.prosys_table(Counter, Time) VALUES ('{{payload}}',Now());