How can I use splitted msg in another function?

Hello everyone,

I'm stucked with my project for database, and I could use some help.
I have a function node, which give me temperature data like
and so on.
My task is to give all the data to my TEMPERATURE database in sqlite.
So I tried to make a variable for the temperature data according to Steve Cope's youtube video about how to store data in node red variables, and it worked. But I still couldn't upload the data with insert node to my table. So I used the Split function, and I thought I can upload the data one by one. But I couldn't figure it out, how can I use the splitted data in the insert node, becuse my flow is temperature_function, Split,Debug (where I can see the data as I told you). I created the variables in the temperature_function, and just after that I splitted. So can you help me please, how can I use the splitted temperature data instead of the data from temperature_function? (when I inserted the temperature_function's result, it was like the sqlite made only one column, which contained all the row.)
I'm sorry if it's confusing how I described the situation, but I started today using sqlite, and I don't know which information you need., and also didn't find anything about the problem.
Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

It would help if you could post your flow here!

Hi, thank you.
I would, but unfortunatelly I'm not allowed because I'm a new user it says.

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