How do I load 'http' module in an embedded device?

Hi everyone, my first time here so I hope you can help with my problem. I have an embedded device running Node-Red V1.3.5 so I don't have access to the 'settings.js' file. I wish to use 'soap' and 'http' modules to generate a SOAP webservice but I can't find how to load the 'http' module into the flow to make it available for the SOAP Server node. I have learnt that I can use the NPM node which does allow the 'soap' module to load but it won't load the 'http' module. How do I load the 'http' module into the flow to make it available to the server? Thank you in advance for your time.

whats wrong with using the built in http in, http request & http out nodes?

The soapserver node ( soap - npm) has a http.createServer object which uses global.get('soap') and global.get('http') to call the external modules. How do I use the built-in nodes to do the same job.

Have you tried the soap contrib nodes?

e.g. node-red-contrib-soapserver (node) - Node-RED - this one doesnt require you to add requires in settings.js

Thanks Steve, I did see that some months ago but the rabbit hole led me down a different path and I ended with the soap-npm and hit the wall. It works well on my Pi but I can edit the settings.js there. I'll try it now and load my own code into it. Please allow 24 hrs as it's late pm here.

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