How do I properly copy credit and flow after OS update on a RPI

Hi all,

I have been struggling for a while with copying the credit and flows after an OS update.
The OS that I used on my raspberry Pi 4 was outdated. I installed a small thumbdrive with the latest rpi os and boot from it instead of the SD card. I made a copy of all node red json files of the SD card and with WinSCP copied them to the new OS with fresh install of node red on the thumbdrive.

Some but not all extra nodes apeared in the new Node Red.
Also not all credits got copied.
Where can I find info on how to properly copy all?
For now I am back on running on the SD card.


Copy the whole of the .node-red folder across except the node_modules folder. Then cd into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
which will install all the extra nodes you need (the details of what to install are in package.json and package-lock.json). Then restart node-red.

Started over and followed your instruction.
I got some warnings and errors

Then when I started node red, and wanted to update the nodes that had a warning, the update failed.
And non of the flows where copied.

The ENOTEMPTY folder problem is caused by npm leaving some temporary files lying about. Delete any such folders with the random characters on the end and try again.
The other errors suggest that possibly you had not updated node-red and all contrib nodes to the latest versions before copying from the source. I should have said to do that first.
If you can get to the point of a working system then upgrade everything and hopefully all will be well.

[Edit] For the future, any time you have console output, logs etc to post please copy/paste the text rather than screenshot. It is easier to read and also allows us to copy sections from it, to quote it for example.

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