How do I separate and define two of my variables?

I have code that is outputting an x value, a y value, a max value, a radius value, and a theta value within my Raspberry Pi that updates every second.

An example output looks like this below:

Highest Number: 31.9029
x: -15
y: 8
Radius: 17.0
Theta: -28.07

What I'm trying to do through Node Red on my Raspberry Pi is output only the Radius value and the Theta value separately.

I simply did this to test for simply my radius value:

timestamp -- 
exec (My Python Script, while the command is running, spawn mode is enabled) -- 
switch node (contains "Radius") -- 

But my output is showing different things almost every single time.

One output


Another output

y: 8
x: -15

Another output

y: 8
Radius: 17.9
Theta: 30.96

It's all pretty ugly. Is there a way to get these outputs in a better way on Node Red?

You have the script, so you can modify what output it produces. Python can generate json as well, perhaps a bit easier to deal with in node-red. (parsing the output is also possible ofcourse)

That does make sense. Thank you. It works great. I was scared because I'm using a thermal camera to gather this information and I didn't know if processing multiple code would be too much for Node Red or the Pi

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