How do i update values from sidebar tab into it's corresponding pallet

I have made a side bar tab which have same fields as that of its corresponding pallet. What i want to do is i want to make changes to fields under sidebar tab and same would be reflected into its corresponding pallet.

That probably begs the question - why? If you make changes in the sidebar, you still have to use the same mechanism to deploy the changes.

Anyway, the sidebar should get jQuery so you can set up a change function to listen for changes to inputs in the sidebar and use that to manually update the actual variables.

Not tried it though and bear in mind that this is very likely not a well-tested part of Node-RED.

@TotallyInformation Thank's for the reply mate....I want to implement a picture crop functionality which will provide me with co-ordinate values (4 in case of rectangle and 3 in case of circular crop) i want to update these value's in my corresponding node/palette....

Well, the Node-RED Editor is not a user interface, it is an administration interface. So your process would only really make sense if a flow admin was needing to make a 1-off change in respect to writing flows. And in that case, the settings would best be kept inside the config panel for the node they belong to rather than in the side panel which is meant for things that cut across many nodes. That would be generally confusing for admins I believe.

If you want end-users - users of the flow - to do something, you should create a user interface using Dashboard, uibuilder or similar so that the user input is sent back to Node-RED and used in a flow.

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