How does modbus function work?

okay so hi, i want to ask something about how does modbus function work? i have a project in internship, we're using LUX sensor and it has 3 outputs; humidity, lux, and temp. for the first node red it was all messy because we used so many function and using a lot of nodes. now in order to make it more simple, someone suggested to use modbus flex getter.

how does it actually work? can we use it just so we would just need one output but will show the all 3 materials?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

To get 3 outputs would mean you want to read 3 registers. I am pretty sure the Modbus Flex Getter allows this. I posted a similar question here and once the nodes are configured, you can get the various values out of the device via Modbus without much 'mess'.

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