How to add a Sentry breadcrumb to every node?

I want to add a Sentry breadcrumb with the node ID so when an error occurs I know what path was taken. For example,

Sentry.addBreadcrumb({ nodeId, flowId })

Is there some kind of node middleware that I can add this code to? So that this code runs onStart for every node?

Hi @watadarkstar

A search on reveals a node that may help.
use this along with the built in catch node?

Disclaimer : I dont use sentry

Oh hang on - you already using it - my bad :sweat_smile:

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Have a look at the messaging hooks api: Messaging Hooks : Node-RED


Yeah I'm already using that. It only shows me the last node where the error occurred. I want to see every node that was "visited" to lead up to the error so I have more context.

Thank you! That's what I was looking for, awesome!

Is this for a node your developing?

Nope but may potentially add this to that package you mentioned.

Ok, unless @knolleary can correct me?
The Hooks API is only for custom node development.

I'm using patch-package - npm to patch the sentry library.

Here is the patch for future readers:

diff --git a/node_modules/node-red-contrib-sentrynode/sentry/sentry.js b/node_modules/node-red-contrib-sentrynode/sentry/sentry.js
index cb8508f..5a1ca07 100644
--- a/node_modules/node-red-contrib-sentrynode/sentry/sentry.js
+++ b/node_modules/node-red-contrib-sentrynode/sentry/sentry.js
@@ -110,11 +110,12 @@ module.exports = function(RED) {
     function SentryNode(config) {	
         RED.nodes.createNode(this, config);
         var node = this;
+		var ENVIRONMENT = RED.util.getSetting(node, 'ENVIRONMENT')
 		* init the sentry only on deployment
-        Sentry.init({ dsn: config.dsn, environment: config.environment || 'debug' });
+        Sentry.init({ dsn: config.dsn, environment: ENVIRONMENT || config.environment || 'debug' });
 		node.on('input', function(msg, send, done) {
@@ -157,4 +158,11 @@ module.exports = function(RED) {
     RED.nodes.registerType("sentry", SentryNode);
+	RED.hooks.add("postReceive", (receiveEvent) => {
+		Sentry.addBreadcrumb({
+			category: 'node-red', 
+			level: 'info', 
+			message: `Message received for Node ID: ${}`
+		});
+	});
\ No newline at end of file

Or, PR the enhancement with the developer/fork and update it :wink:
Patching nodes (I feel) shouldn't be required, and an update will benefit all users who install such node.

Ok, boss! :wink:

Done, boss! feat: adds sentry breadcrumb for each node visited by watadarkstar · Pull Request #5 · ibraheem-ghazi/node-red-contrib-sentrynode · GitHub

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