How to add/update flows_<hostname>.json file name to a flows_<static>.json name

I'm using Node-RED version: v1.3.7 and Node.js version: v14.17.5.
Does node-red allows us to customize it's main flows_<hostname>.json flows file name, to a static flows_<static>.json flows file name, so that we can use the same static flows_<static>.json file on multiple remote server.

And if node-red allows us to customize it's flows name to flows_<static>.json file, then how does node-red runtime enviorment knows/treat this static flows_<static>.json file, as a main JSON file.

In your settings.js file there should be aline like

flowFile: 'flows.json',

make sure it is uncommented and set to whatever name you wish to use.

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