How to catch config node error

Hi all,
I'm using the library node-red-contrib-s7 that have a config node where is stored the configuration of the comunication.
I need to catch this error that derive from the config node
If I catch the error in this way it don't works

there is a method to catch this error?

Does it appear if you connect a debug node to the S7 node? Set it to output complete message in case it is not in the payload.

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The debug node is alredy set to complete message object.
I think this error is generated by the node s7endpoint and not by the s7 in node
This is the library to be more exhaustive.

You haven't got a debug node connected to the S7 node, it is connected to the Catch node.
Errors in the config node may be propagated up to the visible node.

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Do you mean it like this?
I still don't catch the error

Does it show anything?

No only the old error (PLC II is the name of s7 endpoint node)

What old error?

This only in the debug console

I notice that there is a similar issue already reported against the node and that this has not been responded to. It may be that the node is no longer supported.

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Ok I understand, so the error generated from this library is not catchable :confused:

It is up to the author of the node to pass the error to node-red so that it can be caught by a Catch node. Currently it looks as if it is just logging it.

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