How to change an audio file's volume with a sensor

Hi, i'm new to the world. At university the professor asked my group to do a project with without actually explaining it and i'm really in a bad spot right now.
The project is really simple: i need to play an audio file and change it's volume with a flex sensor.
Can someone be gentle enough to find the time to help me, i'm pretty desperate.

Well have you broken the task down into sub tasks?
If so, what are they?
And what do you have so far?

I've literally zero experience, i couldn't figure out what to do and i don't really know from where to start

You have a task, play some music and change its volume using sensor. Seems to me the first thing you need to do is create a flow to play some music. Have you googled that?

Isn't that the purpose of university ? Challenge yourself, learn by doing.
Start by following the tutorials.

I totally agree with you if it wasn't something added two weeks before the exam on a whim, otherwise i wouldn't be here.

Out of interest, what degree are you doing?

Bachelor degree in product design

Another thing you can do to research is go to the flows tab and search using the term 'sound' then try 'audio' and see what you find.