How to check duplicate data and not insert to sql

var value = 6

var pld

pld = "INSERT INTO [HIG].[dbo].[Alum]"

pld = pld + "([Aluminium])"

pld = pld + "VALUES ('" + value + "')"

msg.payload = pld

return msg;

IF value equals 6 not insert data to sql

> ?? How to check ??

I don't understand, you are setting 'value' to six.

Are you trying to see if the msg entering your function has a value of 6? If so, add a switch node before the function node to test for 6 and don't pass the msg if it does.

Or do you want to only INSERT if a record already exists WHERE value = 6 ?

If so, what dbms are you using?

sql server management studio
if data is duplicate not insert