How to clear debug message from a node or function

Been searching but I don't see a way to clear the debug message bar "programmatically"--either via a node or via JavaScript within a function. Is it possible?

Can you clarify what you mean by debug message bar? Do you mean the status display below a node? If so is it a function node? If so then write an empty string to it.

I mean the debug sidebar. I am testing a flow many times and writing debug messages. It would be helpful to clear the debug messages from a node within the flow or via JavaScript.

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That would be a handy feature - could save quite a few clicks on the clear debug button

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Short answer is no, but - the sidebar will scroll so you can always see the latest messages. If you want to separate "runs" more clearly you could write a node.error message at start time to colour it red in the side bar.
There is a keyboard shortcut for clearing it if you don't want to do the mouse miles.

Perhaps a 'Clear on Deploy' option would be useful, it's what I usually do anyway, click the Debug dustbin on the way up to the Deploy button.

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This a billion times.