How to combine a catch node with http request/response?

Is there a recommended method for combining a catch node with an http response node to send an error response? I'm getting an http request in and need to fetch a file to send a response and that can fail throwing an error. I can catch the error but that looses the msg.res which encodes the data needed by the http response node to actually send an error response. I can come up with a bunch of hacky ways to merge that back in, but I wonder whether I'm missing a clean solution.

The message emitted by the catch node should be the original message that hit the error, with the error details added. As such, msg.res should be there.

Which node are you using that throws the error? It may be doing it incorrectly.

I see, you are correct. I was reading the info on the catch node and it doesn't mention that additional elements of the original message are passed through. Thanks for the clarification.