How to connect Node RED workflow to web application developed in ASP.NET

I want to connect Node RED workflow with web application that is developed in ASP.NET.
Can anyone help me out how to connect it.

Thank you!

Maybe the restAPI might help?
Depends on what level of integration you want. Formatted http requests will work for simple triggers from your .net code.

Let me explain you what I want.

There is a dropdown on UI of application developed in ASP.NET when I change the value of dropdown from yearly to monthly at that time value of repeat in inject node should change accordingly in Node RED workflow.

Unless the web app has an API that will trigger a webhook on change of that property, I'm not sure how you expect it might work?

Can you please explain webhook will work in my Node-RED workflow.

A webhook is a standard mechanism that allows one system to trigger an event in another system via a simple web URL.

So a back-end process would trigger a request call to a webhook url that would be defined to the system. That URL could exist in Node-RED as a pair of http-in/-out nodes along with a flow that would be the trigger to do something in Node-RED.

It all starts with the source service though and if you don't know if it supports webhooks it probably doesn't so unless you are able to make changes to the server code, you are probably stuck.

Is it possible to connect Node RED to web application?

Yes, you can, for example, use the http request node as has already been suggested.

yes but http request node will be to fetch data from API.
How it will connect node red and web application

You can also create a web api in node-red that your application could call. Or perhaps it can communicate via MQTT.

Hi, I think it would be good to do some background reading on web apps in general and REST API's specifically, I think that will help you to connect the dots. Basically a request node calling a web page IS connecting them. A REST API is really a machine readable web page designed for systems to communicate simply rather than people.

I am connecting web application to Node RED using database connectivity.

Ah, you should have shared this up front since it totally changes things.

I don't know what question you are asking now? Are you asking how to connect node-red to a database? If so then what sort of database?

I am able to connect web app with Node-RED using REST API.

Thank you!

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