How to create secure certificates using Let's Encrypt & How to use them


Hi all, if you've followed any of the security threads recently, you may have seen that I was trying to get a new blog post finised - well it isn't really finished but as there are many questions at the moment, I thought I'd better get it out as it is as it may be some time before I can completely finish it.

It explains how you can use Let's Encrypt for valid TLS (HTTPS) certificates that don't generate browser warnings even for an internal-only network. You don't need to expose your network to the Internet at all - as long as you have the right DNS provider.

It then also tries to explain some places you can use the certificate and gives some idea on how to configure services - it is this part that isn't finished. I'd be more than happy if anyone is able to fill in the blanks!

Specifically, it shows how to use the certificate in Node-RED, Grafana and a couple of other things.