How to download a file using dashboard button

Hi everyone, i need to download the csv file from another pc via dashboard button, the file is stored on the server running with a local ip address of and public ip address of but i don't know how do i solve it. please any one help me. the path of the file on the server that node red run is C:\Users\ and the name of the file is data.csv

Two potential solutions spring to mind and neither require any port forwarding or use of a Public IP address. 1) email the file using the email node. 2) send via an MQTT server.

Email: I setup a gmail account specifically to do this. At the recieving end, email is checked for every 5 minutes and when a new mail is received, a flow is triggered that handles what was sent. At the sending end, Data is being logged periodicvally to a .csv file and every time the batch number changes, a new file is started and the previous batch of data is emailed.

MQTT: An MQTT service is avaialble to sending and recieving ends of teh process, At the sending end, I file is monitored for changes and when a change is detected, a copy of the file is send as an MQTT message. The receiving end subscribes to the approporiate topic where the the file is then received as a backup copy. The file in node passes on a buffer object



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