How to enable access to the Node-RED Editor over HTTPS

Howdy all! I'm in the midst of trying to set up a node red system that will power a water pump (see Motion sensors to turn on an outlet that powers a water pump - #24 by nodeBoy816) and am in the process of securing node red where I (believe that I) need to enable access to the editor over HTTPS (Securing Node-RED : Node-RED). I'm thinking I may follow the tutorial here: Securing node-red by configuring SSL/ enabling HTTPS access - YouTube (Securing node-red by configuring SSL/ enabling HTTPS access) but I was wondering if anyone would have time to weigh in on it. Cloudflare / Nginx and Caddy have been suggested before but not entirely sure what would work best for my situation. Any input would be much appreciated.

Comes back to WHY you want to access over the Internet. What you want to do when you are remote and who will be doing it.

If you just want to be able to get alerts, check if something is on/off and turn something on/off then you might not even need to expose anything, just set up a Telegram bot.

If you need more but it is only you, then maybe consider one of the remote tools such as Cloudflare Zero Trust or NGROK (though note that the default config for NGROK is not secure).

Offering really secure web services over the Internet is reasonably complex and needs very good attention to detail and a fair bit of knowledge.

There is also an FAQ in this forum with some additional pointers if you need them.

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Julian, your suggestion of setting up a Telegram bot is probably the best idea as I'm mostly wanting to get alerts, etc. Will do some research here on the forum and if need be elsewhere for pointers on how to utilize a bot. Many thanks!

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You could also use Julian's suggestion of setting up a cloudflare tunnel (more difficult) or an easy to implement solution using either Zerotier or Tailscale.

This would give you full remote access to your device and you could use on of the free mqtt apps in the relevant app store to display alerts etc on your mobile devices (or even look at a standard NR dashboard)


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