How to enable an OPC UA Server running in an Azure Container Instance?

I am building an IIoT demo bundle using Factory IO, an OPC UA Server and additional edge computing SW to retrieve relevant OPC UA tags.

I found that the easiest, most controllable way to set up an OPC UA Server is by using the nodes in the nodre-red-contrib-opcua module in Node-Red.

I have deployed the ACI running Node-Red using the Azure CLI script as:

az container create -g MyResourceGroup --name opcuaserver --image nodered/node-red --ip-address public --ports 80 1880 53530 , intended to dedicate the 53530 port for opc.tcp traffic.

In the Node-Red flow I use the modules OPC UA Server and OPC UA Client.

I need to be able to connect to the OPC UA Server on the endpoint opc.tcp:// from external OPC UA Clients.

When I try to access the OPC UA Server using OPC UA Client nodes using either or the public ACI IP adress of as part of the endpoint, I am not able to connect. I am yet doing this with nodes within the ACI so far.

The peculiar error message reads: "Invalid endpoint : Configuration error : the certificate and private key do not match.

I find that strange since the OPC UA Server node is set to "Auto Accept Unknown Certificates" in the node settings. Where else can that kind of setting be changed?

I would be very grateful for any hints on how to access an OPC UA Server running in Node-Red in an ACI from an external party.

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