How to ensure flow is created by insider

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May i ask how to listen deploy button. how to hold on and move on deploy the flow. as before deploy i need to verify if this flow is created or edited by insider.

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While Node-RED does issue an event when deploy happens - I think there may be a pre-deploy event as well, can't quite remember but if there is, that would let you prevent a deploy from occurring - it isn't really what Node-RED is set up for I don't believe. Anyone with rights to change the flows via the Editor interface is assumed to be trusted to change the flow. There isn't even an audit that would record a specific Node-RED user (as opposed to the OS user that runs Node-RED) has made a change, something that would be a bare minimum for a secure system where multiple users are allowed to make changes.

I think that you would probably need to embed Node-RED in your own service (which is easy enough) in order to achieve anything more.

i found save function, in red.js. and i try to add some log in the function, but no print. client require to verify user it is not my call. thanks for reply

hi all thanks for concern. i figure out how. it is in red.min.js. find out this file and modify save method, it work.

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