How to focus on entered letter in select tag inside editor?

I am listing time zones inside my select tag in editor.

Is there any way by which I can type from keyboard and create a focus on that particular option?

This isn't really creating a new node - is it?
I think/fear you have put this in the wrong section.

Changed it to general

Given this is about creating your own node, then it was already in the right category. I'll move it back for your.

What element are you using to create the selection? Is it a typedInput?

If so, there is no way to type to select the option.

Yes, I am using typedinput here.

Is there any other way by which I can achieve a search functionality?

One option works be to change it to be a text input and provide the options via auto complete. There isn't a specific example of that is the docs, but it does mention the autoComplete option: TypedInput Widget : Node-RED

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