How to get info from a website that refreshes every minute

Hi, i'm trying to make a code, that will take a price of euro to pln every minute. I am able to take one price but it won't change every min. I don't know what to do to make the prices change every min. If you have any advice on how to make the price change please answer.
Thank you

At a very simplistic level, you can simply change the inject node that you are probably using to trigger your flow and set it to repeat automatically every minute.

However, watch out for the terms and conditions on the target website as you might get a temporary or permanent ban for hitting it 1,560 times a day.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I know that I can change the trigger to repeat itself, but the thing is, when I want to take info from a website, I have to put in the html node a line from the inspect tab which looks like this:

. The problem is, that I need that line to change every min to refresh.

Are you saying that you want a different html element to be requested every minute and for it to automatically know which one you want?

Is the value actually changing on the page every minute?

If yes, then you are probably getting cached responses or doing something wrong.

Share your flow and someone with take a look.

The ECB publishes the EUR vs xxx price on a daily basis in xml/rss format.
With the premium finnhub api you can get forex data per minute, free version only daily rates.

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