How to get txt to the grove lcdrgb output

I am trying to get a sensor value or any value displayed on the "grove lcdrgb output" I get the following error in my terminal "LCD-RGB Invalid text: undefined

Sorry you need to provide more information, is this about node-red ?
If yes, what does your flow look like, debug node outputs etc.

I am just playing around. But I can't figure out how to get a value or text to my lcd screen.

I am not aware of a "grove lcdrgb" but looked it up.

Documentation describes:

GrovePi LcdRGB Output Node

Sends data to GrovePi LcdRGB I2C-Device.

The msg.payload should have separate keys. If rgb is not set, the information will be the once configured with the node itself.

    text: <the lcd text>,
    rgb: [255,0,0]

In the inject node you could set it to json:

{"text":"text on the lcd","rgb":[255,0,0]}

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it also possible to make this into a javascript function?

Sure, or use a change node.

I will try that and keep you posted.

Can you give me some pointers how to do that? I am a noob I am sorry.

There is great documentation available on this site.

I found this: How to use oled node

basically solved all my problems.