How to handle multiple UnitID's connected to same IP in modbus over ethernet?

Hello, it is my first time using Node-Red so please bear with me.

I have come across a situation where we have multiple Unit-Id connected via same IP address. Each unit-id corresponds to each energy meter. All energy meters are of same model and share the same register addresses. There are 12 Unit-Id's and one IP address ( For each unit-id, I need to read 23 registers. These registers are distributed in groups of consecutive registers like 10..20, 220..223 and so on. Once fetched, the values of-course need to be converted to readable float32.

What is the best way to handle this situation?

  1. Do I need a separate Modbus Flex Getter for each unit-id?
  2. How do I handle the fact that the registers that are needed are not consecutive? Can Modbus Flex Sequencer help with this? In case, yes, How?
  3. How to apply the function of conversion from bigendian to float32 to each register value that we need in case we take all registers together?

I attach the screenshot of what has been done previously by another team. This looks highly inefficient and difficult to scale up.

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