How to insert data with this string value and how to split it, i new for using node-red

help me for this problem

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Doesn't the payload need to be an array not a string? Check the help pane for the node.

Thanks for answer mr.collin, i try like this

but i still get error

It is very difficult for me to read that screenshot but it looks as if you have some quotes in the wrong place. When posting code in the future please paste it in using the method described in How to share code or flow json

var str = msg.payload;
var parts = str.split(" ");
x = parts[0];
y = parts[1];
percobaan_id = parts[2];
var hari = msg.myymd;
var jam = msg.mytimes;
var waktu = hari+" "+jam;
//var waktu = date.getTime();
msg.topic = "INSERT INTO eye_fixation(x,y,time,percobaan_id) VALUES("+x+", "+y+","+waktu+", "+ percobaan_id +")";
return msg;

and this my error :

Your SQL syntax is wrong, as the error says. You probably need quotes round the values or something. Check the mariadb docs as the error suggests.


ok thanks, it solved just missing ' '

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