How to Insert Datetime to SQL DB using MSSQL node

Hi, I'm trying to insert following date portion in to SQL db but it showing me this error."Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string." .

My msg: -


I've tried convert using parameter method.

USE [data]
INSERT INTO [dbo].[tags]
VALUES (@id,@name,@group_m,(convert(datetime,@dates,5)),@in_trans,@blocked);

show me how you have setup the MSSQL-PLUS node and parameters

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Hi, Here is how I done that


ok, I suspect your date is not a date but a string.

Add a function node before the MSSQL node and enter...

node.warn(["typeof", typeof])
return msg;

what do you see in the debug output?

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try in that function before MSSQL = new Date(
return msg;

to force it to a date type

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Still same , I thought SQL convert query will do the trick

No, that requires the "string" be in a certain format (different to JS ISO format)

  • did you add the function before the MSSQL to change the date string to a data object?
  • did you remove the SQL convert and pass @dates directly in to the values(...)

Yes I've done that

Hi, I've checked this after the modification that you have suggested. The output is like this.


Could you share a CREATE TABLE script and export a demo flow - I will take a look.

Here is the tabele. Note that Id column is going to modify to generate auto id with a seed

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tags](
	[id] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
	[id_tag] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
	[name] [varchar](50) NULL,
	[expiry] [datetime] NULL,
	[group_m] [varchar](50) NULL,
	[In_transaction] [bit] NOT NULL,
	[blocked] [bit] NOT NULL

Set your MSSQL node parameter to datetime to match your schema and try again.


Also, looking closer at your query...

If ID is an auto increment, DO NOT SEND a value for that field
ALSO - your fields are written in this order...

([id_tag]   --1
,[name]     --2
,[expiry]   --3
,[group_m]  --4

but you send

@id,           --1
@name,         --2
@group_m,      --3
(convert(datetime,@dates,5)) --4

In other words, you are sending @group_m to the [expiry] field

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My suspicion is ...

1. change your query to

USE [data]
INSERT INTO [dbo].[tags]
       ( [id_tag]
        ,[blocked] )
VALUES ( @id, 
         @blocked );

2. change the @dates parameter to datetime type

... it will just work

(remember to delete [id_tag] and @id if id_tag is an auto increment field)

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Yeah, Huge thanks for the noticing it. I was trying to update with with a parameters. Then It alos failed. Thank You Very Much @Steve-Mcl .

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