How to install node offline using node-red Admin API

I am trying to install nodes in node-red without internet (offline). I have npm pack file (.tgz) and trying to install use admin method "/nodes" POST (POST /nodes : Node-RED), but "I am getting module not found error".

I tried few things :

  1. I extracted the .tgz file and gave path to package.json of nodes.
  2. I tried to give the path of dir where the package.json is present.
  3. I didn't extract it and gave path of .tgz file. (I know it will not work according to doc)

can anyone please suggest what I am doing wrong here or any other alternative method ?

Welcome to the forums @jayashree.

I think you mileage is going to vary.

You can install NPM packages with no internet, really easily:


The problem you will face, is when those packages have dependencies, NPM will try and pull them down from the NPM registry.

You options are:

  • Go for a dependency walk (Good Luck)
  • Install all nodes you need, on a machine WITH internet, then move the node_modules folder over, but if the platform architectures are different - you going to have issues with Native modules, you can rebuild them however, so maybe not so much of a problem.

@marcus-j-davies the npm pack file will contain everything needed.

@jayashree You need to include the file contents in the HTTP post request under a property called 'tarball':

The following curl command does the job.

curl -F tarball=@node-red-node-random-0.4.1.tgz http://localhost:1880/nodes
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Hi @knolleary

So if I pull a tgz from NPM, example:

The tgz also includes all dependencies required by node-red-3.0.2, and therefore will not need to fetch anything further from NPM?

I had to check this, as I didn't think NPM will do that, the content suggests it doesn't
unless Nodes are somehow packaged differently ?

No. I forgot the key part needed - to add a bundleDependencies section to the package.json:

I realise I tests the curl command using a node that had no dependencies.

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In general, I don't think nodes should be including a 'bundleDependencies' themselves... but if you're in a position of needing to pack them for offline install, you'll need to do the work to ensure the dependencies get included.

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Thank you for the solution,

But some nodes are installing and for some nodes sometimes i'm getting {"code":"unexpected_error","message":"Install failed"} , it is sporadic not everytime, for 4 to 5 times it is failing and if i try again node is installing, sometimes if i try continuosly 10 to 15 times also node is not installing(tries with /node-red-contrib-enigma-0.0.1.tgz node).

Can you please suggest me how i can resolve this issue? and how much size it will support to install offline(will it support all the nodes).

You'd have to check the node-red logs for any further information - although they may not have much there.

Otherwise, we'd have to try to debug it to see what exactly is happening.

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do we need to include only dependencies in bundleDependencies to pack the node or we need to add other things as well?

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