How to link Different modbus Energy meters serial data in a single flow

Hi all,

Im working on Different modbus Energy meter , how to link different Energy meter Modbus system datas into a single flow.
If i put 2 modbus flex getter in single flow of different modbus , either of those are working , While combining both together im not getting any response.

can anyone give a solution for this issue .

Appreciate , if some one help me in resolving it
thank you !

Energy charges

Can you show us your code ?

What energy meters are you talking to ?

Are they both on the same bus or do you have multiple Busses ??


Its working in different flows.

Can i get both in different modbus same flow ?

diff_modbus_b.flow .json (9.1 KB)

Appreciate , if some one help me in resolving it

Usually you would paste your code inline rather than upload it.

Have you tried taking out the UnitID from both of the Flexgetter nodes ? You are setting it in th function node so i am not sure if this will give you problems.

Just confirming that if you have both of thes active in different flows they will work with no issues ? It is only when you add them both to a single flow that you have the issue ?

Are you getting an error ?

The help for the FlexGetter suggests adding a catch node to see what is happening.


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