How to make a download button with the Template-Node (Dashboard)

Hi, I am pretty new to Node-Red and need some help here. Also English isn't my first language, so please be patient with me.

My goal currently is to make a UI, where you can upload a file, which get some format changes via function node. After the function node ran through the code, the data will be saved within a new location, which will be the same all the time. Now I get to a problem:
See, I am using Node Red on the browser and usually I don't have to save files. Because of this I am just using this library:

Everything just works fine, but I am not able to make the download button to work. The download button is just a template node, which is coded like this:

> <div>
> <a href="/files/flows/test/Converted_File.csv" download="Converted_File.csv">
> <button class="btn"><i class="fa fa-download"></i> Download</button></a>
> </div>

This simply creates a button, which says 'Download' and is supposed to download the file, that was just created.
But when you press the button, the browser says "Failed - No file" and doesn't download anything.
I know, that it is because it couldn't find the file with the "href"-link, but I don't know, what else I am supposed to write to href, because if i just put "msg.payload" there (with or without ""), it doesn't download a file and apparently the library can't be accesed like this.

That is the flow I am using.

Every help is appreciated!

Try this demo flow: Download a file from node-red using standard nodes (flow) - Node-RED

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