How to make an iframe unclickable?

In my dashboard I use a simple 30 min inject-node to trigger an iframe-node with the url of a local weatherforecast-widget.
Any idea how to inhibit the user to click on this widget?
Thanks in advanced..

Hi .. try adding a css style to the iframe with pointer-events: none;

The pointer-events CSS property sets under what circumstances (if any) a particular graphic element can become the target of pointer events.


Yes - pointer-events:none works with code to open an iframe direct in a template node...but the look of the homepage is different to iframe as a node. So I try to use CSS for the iframe-node "Wetter"-
but it doesn't work... any ideas?

Is that CSS valid? You haven't included a specifier.


iframe {
   pointer-events: none !important;

Ps, please don't post code as pictures. Pictures cannot be searched and anyone helping you has to retype what you have already written. Thanks

Great! This works. Thank you!!!

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