How to make the dashboard-button in dashboard receive press&hold input

Hi I'm new to node-red and just learning how to make some simple application, I'd like to ask a few question
1/ How can I make the dashboard receive press and hold input? I can do press once, but I have no clue how to do press&hold while the value go up every second
2/ Can I press&hold the button on my phone?

3/ Can I make it so that when view the dashboard on different device it scale appropriately?

Like I make the UI fit with smartphone but for window... well not so much

I'm stuck at this point and keep going back to drawing broad

Thank you for taking your time helping a newbie out

Something like this: How to make a button that send msg once on click and sends msg repeated at set interval on button hold? - #4 by Steve-Mcl ?

I think this demo is more up-to-date (and supports mobile/touch: Adding `output` function to buttons designed in `template` node - #65 by Steve-Mcl

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yes kinda like what you did, I have tested it and I like it... thou I'm not familiar with html and I can't make the repeater button work on smartphone

Did you see previous post about touch support?

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OMG you are a live saver:heart_eyes:, you just solve the first two of my problem now I just have to study your code and look for a solution for the scaling problem

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