How to message a member of this forum?

How do I message a member on this forum please?
I would like to contact Dave Conway-Jones or dceejay as he is known.
I have found a minor issue in the world map node and wanted to inform him.


Haha! What is the issue becasue I discovered a minor issue about the example flows and have contacted him already.

Hi zenofmud, I would rather send him a private message than put it into the public domain.
It is about a navigational term error, which could simply be corrected.


Hi @FatPilot

to send a direct message to a user, click on your user's icon in the top right of the screen, then click twice on the envelop icon. This will take you to you message inbox. From there you can click 'New Message' and send the message.

However, the ability to send direct messages is restricted for users who have only just joined the forum. If that's the case then it's probably going to be easier for @dceejay to send you a message to which you'll be able to reply....

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