How to migrate node-red from Rpi to to Cloud

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I already have my application running over node-red under Rpi3. I would like to implement it on node-red IBM Cloud, I have an account in bluemix. I tried to use node-red editor on IBM cloud an I got some problems to install some modules an also to copy my local nodes from rpi to node-red editor on IBM cloud. I believe that have a easy way to do it.

Please, somebody can share w/ me a tutorial that explain better how to do it?

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There are lots of tutorials findable on google such as

It may also depend which nodes you are trying to use... some nodes will not run (sensibly) in the cloud... like serial ports - or bluetooth - etc... as they talk to local hardware on your Pi, which obviously won't exist in the cloud... Other than that Ctrl-A to select all your nodes then select export all nodes - and copy them to the clip board and then import to the workspace on the cloud side would get you started... -

In general it is better to add any special nodes you need to the package.json on the cloud side - but that is part of the continuous development workflow which is part of Bluemix standard practise, but cut/paste should get you started to see if it can be made to run at all.

Mrs ukmoose and Dceejay thanks a lot for your help!!!
Sorry I have not explained better how about is my idea!

I have a local machine Rpi3 that run modules that is not compatible for Node-Red on Bluemix as you told me, but i need to make a control externally my LAN.
I have Dashboard node, as the button, that i need to make external control, however this module, in the flow, have relationship and need to send messages to an incompatible module. As you can see below:

My Flow:

My Dashboard Menu - That I need to make a control without home with node-red Bluemix:

Before you expose anything to the internet (so you can control it from outside your LAN) you need to be fully aware of the security implications of this. A good place to start would be @TotallyInformation 's web page here -

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Dceejay, thanks for share material w/ me.
I understood that to connecting on internet i need to keep NAT/PAT on my router and together configure the Dynamic DNS services. But I thought IBM Cloud can give a security tools to connect my local device (Rpi3) and can provide:

Multi tenancy application (multiples device below a specific folder, like a tree)
To stor a data sent by Rpi3
To stor a configuration (backup)

I would like to create an IoT service structure togther IBM BlueMix.
I can do it?

Please note, should be Mr !!!!!!

You can build that sort of thing using the IBM IoT platform on Bluemix - but you need to use the platform to manage devices, and Watson IOT nodes to communicate with it securely. It can use Node-RED but it is not 100% the same.

@krambriw - No worries - I think @aargollo was aiming at a plural for Mr :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @dceejay for your assistance. Would you have a tutorial or web course to share with me?
I need to improve my knowledge about IBM IoT plataform.

But initially with node-red, using the dashaboard node, I can make a control of my device gateway? I have doubts because i builded my flows, in local node-red device, using a serialport together dashboard button. Maybe i need to build a new flow in BlueMix that need to make the push in local hardware, directly in my local dashboard node, and than i can make a total control of the devices conneted in the gateway.

I need to use an specific node to to it? Can you advise me how to do it?
I dindt undertanding well how to the Node-Red Bluemix will establish a comunication with my local Rpi3 (node-red)!

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Well there is the Coursera course here -

If you "just" want to control one or two devices then the technique using Telegram (as per @TotallyInformation site linked above) is probably the safest way to experiment.

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