How to pass a data type to google sheet?

Hi there,

i'm trying to pass a date to google sheet, and from there (using excel formulas MONTH and NUMWEEK) i want to extract the week and the month, due to create a weekly mean of the values.

But, unfortunately seems that in Json the date format doesn't exists. I tried with moment node, but I just modify the date format (from mm-dd-yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy), and it still return a string.


Otherwise, I could find the way to extract the week from the date in node red and pass this info to google sheet.

Try to stick to ISO format date...
... This avoids any confusion regarding which is month and which part is day.

That's not the problem, i'm afraid moment node will return always a string.

But i solve with the other idea: get the number of the week frm the date. I set the moment node to return date in WW format, then i change the string into a number looking at this discussion :slight_smile:

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