How to pass flow.get("variable") to subflow?

Hi, im begginer on this world of the node-red.

Im trying to pass the value of a type flow variable. This to be worked on in a subflow.

How cand send variable to subflow?

In the subflow you can access the flow variables of the parent flow like:


and for variables use:


Hi, bakman your repley its work. Now I have some questions:

In node inject how can do this? -> flow.$parent.$env("counter")

The much better (and portable/reusable/pure) way to do this is to add variables to the msg then you simply pick them up in the subflow.

Main flow...
inject (msg.payloadflow.contador0) → Subflow → debug

Input → function (use msg.payload) → output

Accessing parent flow variables is basically for async problems, reduced portability of code etc etc.

Thanks for your replay!

but i do dont understand what you are trying to explain. :persevere:

Please you can add code example :smile:

If you are new to node-red and its concepts I would recommend to avoid subflows for now. Also note that you cannot use inject nodes inside a subflow.


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