How to put image background in the Node-Red (Raspberry Pi 5)

Hi everyone, I already achieved to put background and logo on Node-Red as picture below while im using Windows OS.

Then I try to do it on Raspberry Pi 5, same instruction as Windows, but still cannot display the logo and background. I already use the https://static , create folder and put template. Please help me.

  1. Can you explain this?
  2. How do you specify the background image?
  3. What does settings.js specify for httpStatic?

for 1 & 3

settings.js for raspberry pi 5.

httpStatic: '/lib/node_modules/node-red/image'

This setting is used to call the picture in the image folder. But still, I cannot display the picture for my background dashboard for rasp pi 5.

for 2

As you can see the coffee image as the background. Thats what I mean.

OK thanks.

Yes, I suspected the image of coffee beans might be what you mean :wink:

On my Raspberry Pi I have a simple dashboard with a background image:

It is specified like this:

  • My dashboard tab name is "Consolidated".
    The background image is /home/pi/.node-red/node-red-static/raindrops.jpg
  • In settings.js I have httpStatic: '/home/pi/.node-red/node-red-static/', (I don't like the idea of using /lib/node_modules/node-red/image, can Node-red's web server see that directory?)
  • A ui-template defines the CSS.
    The mistake I keep making is omitting the leading / in the url.
#Tab_Consolidated {
    background-image: url("/raindrops.jpg");

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I already follow your instructions but still can't get the image background. I think maybe the directory. BTW, how come you install Node-Red and place your file at /home/pi ? And why my Node-Red doesn't have a "." in front of the text ?

If you follow the documentation for installing on a Raspberry Pi it creates a directory ~/.node-red for your Node-red files.

As far as I know, on either Windows or Linux, your Node-red files always live in .node-red in your home directory.

Are you sure you don't have a .node-red directory? What does ls -l ~/.node-red show you?

The tilda ~ is a short-cut for "my home folder", ie /home/pi.

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i add 1 picture on top, one at background and im trying to put one one group level

its been some years, pls remind me what to call the group.

#name of tab with underscores for

I fount the card name eventually, but then the objects was not transparent, so i gave up, made a template node instead with background image of silos and bar ontop

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