How to read json data converted from xlsx format

I am new to node red, have converted xlsx file into json format. Now i want to read this json data row wise with certain conditions. Also date is coming as 44548, want to convert it in dd/mm/yyyy format.
Please help

Hi, I'm afraid that you might not get many responses as you've added this to a three-year-old thread. Moving to a new thread for you - can you please update the title to reflect your question? Thanks.

This is not a specific NodeRed question. It relates to javascript or nodejs programming.
In addition, an example of the JSON could always help.

Thanks, I am new to this so again thanks

Could you use a debug node, copy the output, and paste it here, so we can see exactly what data you are trying to work with.
Before pasting it, click on the </> icon in the forum post window, and paste your data where indicated.

Need date conversion help too

Date is 44548
1/1/1970 or 1/1/1900 is the reference point

Yes, need help in javascript/ node red

Seems like someone has already done the javascipt.
Check out the code on Github:

Yes, there are several edge-cases so best to use a well tried library.

Not able to solve the problem of reading the xlsx file in alsql node in node red

Thanks, right now stuck at " reading the xlsx file thru alasql node in node-red"

Thanks for helping

Not able to use PATINDEX fn
Err: alasql.fn.PATINDEX is not a function

Thanks a lot