How to refresh global variable

I am currently using global variables to display data from different function. The data does not display real time changes. if I stop the flow, the value of the output changes. How can I make it so the values being displayed are updated real-time?

global variables are not reactive (by design)

there is a hack I posted (some time ago) to make them reactive but this no longer really flow programming (you lose sight of what is changing and all the wonderful things node-red is about)

Instead, if you share a minimal flow example with some background of what you are doing & why - we can probably show you an event driven alternative way of achieving your goal.

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I am currently making a simulator for pumps. The pressure_sim needs the current value of current and voltage.

Since I cannot see code and field values inside of a picture - I can only speculate.

Here is my initial guess...

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Thank you, it works now!

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